Mark Making, Dots & Lines

Mark Making, Dots & Lines


This is a super fun session filled with lots of ideas for making your artwork more personal, more you! If you're looking for ways to add to your paintings, drawings, or collages, then you will love this workshop!  Explore the use of line, pattern, textures & gestural marks that will take your artwork to the next level!

  • Meeting Format

    We'll be chatting & working on our art in a private Messenger room.  You do not need to have a facebook account to join us, once you purchase your seat, you will be sent a personal email from me with your meeting link.

  • Supply List

    Paper (book pages, sketchbook paper, copy/printer paper)

    Black marker or drawing pen/Pencil/Ink/Black Paint (no other colours required)

    Mark Making tools: q-tips, brushes, plastic gift card, cardboard tubes

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