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What's New With Embroidery?

Updating old-school crafts with modern design

top row: marble pattern you got this poppy

bottom row: new york hipster easy stitch sampler

By now, you've probably seen that embroidery is making a fantastic comeback. In fact, you've probably noticed that all fibre arts (think: macrame, weaving, stitchery, hand dying fabric, etc.) are enjoying a modern-day resurgence.

These new styles have a sense of simplicity and abstraction, with designs emerging from the threads themselves. No longer restricted to just a handful of patterns with the same landscape and/or floral themes. Just like all arts, bringing fresh ideas and re-thinking old ones is a good thing and makes these types of handcrafts exciting again.

"The 60's had edge, the 70's had embroidery" - Gina Barreca

Have a look at some inspiring artists and if you're ready to jump into a new project, see the links at the end of this article for free patterns that you can download.


Awesome dog embroidery, oh my god, the one with the dog dragging its butt on the grass!

Who knew dinosaur fossils in a forest landscape could be so beautiful?

Artist Laura Dalla Vecchia stitches amazing bird designs onto dried leaves and twigs.

So many inspiring artists from Modern Met!

School of Stitched Textiles

20 Artists Who Took Embroidery To The Next Level - c'mon, a kitten in your pocket? YES

19 Artists Creatively Pushing the Boundaries of Embroidery

Lots of patterns to purchase directly from artists

FREE modern Embroidery Patterns

DMC - the Grandaddy of embroidery has over 700 free patterns, tutorials & videos

26 Hand hand embroidery patterns ready to download (many free!)

So...Inspired to try a new (old) craft? Love to hear your thoughts on updating crafts for modern times, drop a comment or send me a note. Happy stitching!

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