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Next workshop -
Thursday, June 1, 2023

Cocktails + Collage hosts art nights in Calgary restaurants where we create a unique & custom work of art by combining paper, paint & images.


If you love paint night, scrapbooking, paper crafts, or mixed media and are ready to try something a bit different, join us for cocktails as we cut and paste our way to a beautiful piece of art!


Cocktails + Collage was born out of a passion for art. Creating something interesting out of completely random elements. As a child, I loved any type of craft that I could get my hands on. Drawing pictures, gluing tissue paper shapes, colouring with markers, and so on.


Now as a mixed media artist, I love to show others how easy it is to create a beautiful piece for your home, a piece you will actually want to hang up on your wall, and most importantly a piece you can proudly look at for years to come and say "I made this!"


Check out our FAQ page for more details.  

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