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Don't Be Precious (free printable!)

Well after 2 long years, I was finally able to have my first in-person event with a wonderful group of women! One of the things I always tell myself when art-making is to try not to get attached to a particular outcome or become too focused on one element which may or may not still be visible in the end.

This is so often true for collage & mixed-media. We see little bits that we love and it becomes easy to try and hold on to that piece or particular area. I have to constantly remind myself to not be so protective and sacrifice the whole piece just for the smaller area of interest.

I kept saying throughout the night "Don't be precious" as this is the motto I use for myself. It reminds me that in the beginning, with many layers to come, that I am not committing this early.

By the end of evening, I had probably said that phrase close to 10 times, and the ladies got a kick out of it. Here's the printable I sent to the group, download your copy and hang in your artspace or wherever you get creative. I've left it bw, in case your creative act for the day has you wanting to pull out some crayons or markers.

Download here:

cocktails + collage don't be precious
Download PDF • 265KB

art before dishes! - claudia

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