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How to Turn a Very Small Space into a Portable Art Studio!

A quick post today with some tips on how to set up a dedicated workspace for your creative pursuits. Whether you're dealing with 2 square feet of space on your dining room table, converting an unused closet, or setting up a larger area, here are some ideas to make your space easy to work in, and clean up a breeze.

I've always had a table in the basement where I could leave my art supplies. But I had two problems: the first being that it was in the dark, cold basement, and the second was that sometimes I wanted to work upstairs at my kitchen table for the light, for the company of my family, whatever, but didn't want to haul all my materials up.

So while I had the space, it wasn't working. At all. After a big clean-up one day, frustrated because I was searching for something and couldn't find it through all the mess, I decided to give my space a makeover that would be more user-friendly.

During my clean-up, I came across an old tackle box that I had used a long time ago for some other papercraft with barely anything in it, ridiculous that I wasn't using it and had forgotten about it completely.

That year for Christmas, my darling husband gave me the know the one, the rolling cart you can find at IKEA, Canadian Tire, Michaels, etc. I cannot gush enough about this handy piece of furniture. In my cart are the most common materials I use when I create.

Now with my studio table organized, my rolling cart with all of my materials, and my empty tackle box, if I feel like working upstairs, I just grab whatever I need and toss it in there. Once I'm finished working for the evening, I pack it up and bring it back down, returning supplies to the cart. Super easy!

My studio downstairs has now taken over almost half of the basement, and I recently added a 2x4' pegboard (future post!) above my table. My next step is to build a painting wall so that I can work on larger pieces.

Is it my dream studio? No. Is it 5x bigger AND better than it was 2 years ago? Hell yeah.

Links below for inspiration!

Table Top Easel

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